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  1. Errrrrmygawd! How the time flies!!! You are looking ahhhmazing! Awww and thanks for the kind comments, Life is busy and I don't get on as often as I used to but I try for at least once a week. You are going so good, you cant be far away from goal weight.. but who cares about that anyway! You are fabulous xxx
  2. Hey Edie! Hard to believe my surgery was already 5 months ago! I am down 77 lbs from day of surgery and feeling fantastic!!! Have met several of my goals including now being LESS than the weight listed on my driver's license. I'm in the 'hairloss' phase, but other than that my recovery has been really very smooth and no problems. Thank you for being so supportive - you are one of the people I look up to here for being so kind and helpful to those of us finding our way with this lifestyle. Your encouragement is great! Admittedly I am not on here often....gotten very busy lately but its always nice to check in.
  3. whooooo hooooo :-) So good
  4. Thank you!!! I feel great and am so pleased with how my recovery has gone. Today I am down 39 lbs since surgery and total of 75 from my highest weight. Whoo Hoo!!
  5. Looking amazing Lisa :-)
  6. fantastic! keep going :-)
  7. I'm surprised how well I'm doing! Keeping down the liquids and getting enough in. Last night was my first night home and got a great nights sleep; it's tough to sleep at the hospital with all the vital checks and nurses having me walk and drink fluids....I know the importance, but I was so glad to sleep! Not a lot of pain, mostly soreness.
  8. So good, you will be delighted... best wishes to you :-)
  9. Thank you, Stacey! I appreciate you reaching out. Tomorrow is the big day! Looking forward to my future!
  10. Just popping by to say good luck for your surgery and Im sure you will do really well. Please come on the board for support afterwards and to ask any questions :-)
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