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  1. Thank you! Looking forward to getting home.
  2. Hope you get home soon and hang in there, the first week is the worst x
  3. Hey there. Had to stay another night because I had a fever but it broke in the night. Still getting nauseated but it is going ok. Been walking and stuff so maybe I can home later today.
  4. Hope you're going okay and thinking of you lots xx
  5. oh and fruity herbal tea bags!!!! I loved these as warm drinks were so soothing :-)
  6. So excited for you. Yes let us know how you are going and I shall be thinking of you :-)
  7. Yep! I got the call yesterday to be at the hospital on Monday morning at 5:30 am for surgery scheduled at 8:00 am. I am nervous and excited - and packing! Will have ipad at hospital later in the day when my mom brings my stuff, so I will post that I made it to the other side!
  8. ohhhmygawwwdddd, it's actually happening for you. I'm so super happy for you. Do let us all know how you go :-)
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