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  1. Hi Eddie,Hope this finds you doing well. Love your after pic. You look stunning! Love your hair style looks gorgeous. Take Care, Tamera
  2. Your welcome
  3. Thank you Tamera :-) x
  4. Hi Edie,So happy i could inspire you. I highly recommend trying rock climbing. I loved it. I would check your area for a hiking/climbing club and see if they offer a climbing school. Best thing I ever did. Such a great workout too. Every muscle is sore. I have some fear of heights but have overcome a lot of my fear but it has been a work in progress but still find some climbing and repeling scary but makes it more fun that way. I love a challenge. Your canoe trip sounds frightening. Nighttime and boating dont seem to go together. Keep exploring. congratulations again on your success. You look beautiful
  5. No nothing new Tamera but actually I do 5 crossfit sessions a week now and I only used to do 3 or 4. You have inspired me with rock climbing as I have always thought about it and we have a place down at the cliffs by the river here where they run some sessions so who knows one day I might try! They also do a night where you go out on the river in canoes and go through the city then come back for a barbecue. I did that and gawd it was the worst night of my life!!!! It was dark and I thought the river cat ferry was going to wipe me out!!!! Terrifying! But I might try the rock climbing though I'm not the best with heights so it is a bit scary... thats probably why it is worth doing! Much love Tamera, you look so amazing and I am so happy for you x
  6. Thank you Edie for the kind message.I feel like a different person. This surgery has open doors I only dreamed about. It truly as been amazing. It warms my heart to recieve your message. Trying anything new? Take Care
  7. Thank you Tamera, you look absolutely amazing too! You are like a different person!!! Such an inspiration xx
  8. Just saw your new pics, you look beautiful and love your hairstyle. You also took years off your face too. Congratulations on your success.
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