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  1. Hi Bekkis, I’m not on frequently either. So glad your doing well and getting into a healthy active routine. I remember when i dropped below 200 it was an amazing feeling. Congratulations on your success and hard work. I’m doing good. Working hard currently to loose last 30lbs but sertainly not unhappy with my current weight and still odd to be told i’m skinny but not going to lie I like hearing it. I’m currently going to climbing school to learn how to do technical mountaineering and rock climbing. Really enjoying it. Going on my first climb on mother’s day. We hope to summit to the top of Mt St Helens. I train throughtout the week and definitely found my passion. Wish you continued success.
  2. Hi Tamera! Sorry it took so long to answer. I do not log in ofetn enough. I am doing good. Looking forward to weighing in on the 15th. That will be my 1 month anniversary. There is an awesome possibility that I might be under 200#. I started the year at 233#. I don’t remeber the last time I was under 200#. I am also back in the gym. Mostly cardio but getting used to the routine until I can lift again. How have you been? Have a great rest of your week.
  3. Good Morning, How are you doing since the surgery?
  4. Wow it sounds like a completely different set up from when i went there in 2017. I didn’t know they built a new hospital.
  5. Your so sweet to leave me a nice message. I appreciate your feedback.I enjoy helping others and putting people at ease getting ready to have surgery too especially those traveling out of the country. If you have any questions please feel to contact me. Hope you have a good travel day and hope you have a speedy recovery. Please let me know how your doing. Another great resource is “Ask Dr Alvarez” you can find him on the forum and you tube.
  6. Hi Tamera2. I just read one of your responses on the forum and was instantly relieved. I fly into San Diego tomorrow. My surgery is Thursday with Dr. A. Thank you!
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