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  1. The sleeve surgery was way easier than I thought it would be. You can get nausea med from your pcp and bring with you. They have one that dissolve on your tongue. You can’t swallow pills for about a month. To prevent blood cots I recommend you walk periodically while on the plane and make sure to move your feet and legs too. You can also get special stockings that help with circulation and made to help prevent blood clots and edema. hopefully you can do your protocol for motion sickness but the surgery shouldn’t make this worse. Thank you for the compliments, If you eat healthy and live an active lifestyle and exercise you will be successful. You are going to do great. If you change your lifestyle you cant fail. Find away to exercise that you can enjoy. If you don’t know what that is after your off restrictions try different things. Have fun with it. You will be amazed at the success youll have. I went from barely able to climb a flight of stairs to mountain climbing. Getting ready to summitt to the top of Mt St. Helens. What will your dreams be? Happy to help in any way I can.
  2. Hi, Being nearvous/scared is normal. I was lucky I didn’t have to cook for others while i was on a restricted diet. No children at home and my husband cooked for himself. Hope your hanging in there. It will be worth it I can promise you. It is amazing how many temptations there are.
  3. I tried to anwser all your questions but it came back to long and wouldnít send even when I shortened it. This forum does this sometimes.I donít have time right know to rewrite it. Iíll try to get back to you tonight or you can call me also. Sorry.
  4. Hello !!! I am so excited to have this done but scared,anxious and every other feeling is starting to hit me too . I started the pre-op diet yesterday and it is hard especially as I am fixing meals for my family and then had to go to the grocery store today. Talk abut never noticing how many temptations are around. You have had an amazing success story and I hope to have the same. I am really worried about my flight home though. I already get motion sickness and then to add the nausea from surgery to it.Also worried about blood clots. Maybe I am just over thinking things. Thanks for the support !
  5. Hi T, I see your going to have surgery on the 20th with my surgeon. If I can awnser any questions Iím happy too. Best decision I ever made. My life is a million times better. My cell is 360-601-7351. I live on the west coast. Feel free to call or text through my phone if youíd like. I really want to help others imagine and achieve there goals and dreams one step at a time. All the best, Tamera
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