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  1. Lmao! Yeah, my hair is thin also. It just keeps coming out by the brush full, I hope it stops soon! I'm not really looking at my hair though, because my body is so much smaller! Yay! I glad you recognize yourself again, I totally get it! Your fluid intake will go up. I'm doing good on that now. So glad to hear from you and that you are doing well! Big hugs and keep posting pics skinny woman!
  2. Wow, look at you! You look ah-maz-ing! Thanks for checking in. I'm doing really well. No regrets whatsoever other than waiting so long to do this in the first place. I'm actually starting to recognize the person in the mirror staring back at me. My biggest problems at this phase are getting all the daily fluids in and dealing with the texture of my hair. My hair is awful, so I wear it up. I'm going to talk to my hairdresser next week about a keratin treatment. I'm hopeful it will help. Right now, it feels and looks like...well...um...long, blonde, pubes. Sorry, TMI! :-) How are you doing?
  3. How are you dear? I hope you're doing well ...
  4. Hello dear, so sorry I didn't answer you when you posted on my wall. I have been so busy trying to get everything back under control after basically being MIA for 2 1/2 months. I see you were having a little trouble, I hope all is well with you now!
  5. I guess maybe that's a little bit of a help. How horrible, though. I believe I would have been terrified. I'm sure you were too.

    I finally have a date (again) for my surgery, though it may get pushed. In December my PCP said I might have an ulcer. I stayed the course of treatment. But, recently I decided to go for a EGD because it didn't seem to be getting better. Yesterday I had that scope. I don't know much yet except that they found congested gastric mucosa of the fundus and proximal body. They took a bunch of biopsies during the scope. I hope it all comes out ok and I can have the surgery in May. It was supposed to be done in Jan, but something always seems to come up. I hope you are feeling great now and have tons of energy to boot!
  6. Yes, once I got back here insurance did help with the cost of complications, but I also had a bariatric doctor that basically took care of me for free because he didn't take my insurance. I got very lucky. I'm doing much better now. I'm really going to start working my sleeve today, I'm planning a 2.5 mile brisk walk and I'm going to be cooking for the week tomorrow & getting things packaged up.
  7. Hi Lisa, I haven't been on the forum for quite some time, but I just got my surgery date so I thought it was time to get back to it and update my info. That's when I learned about your nightmare. I am so, so very sorry! I hope you are doing better now. I know you were a self-pay, but did insurance help at all with your complications? I hope your nightmare is over.
  8. Hello again, it was my pleasure friending you, I love your screen name BTW! Me too! I think we are making the right decision also. My quality of life isn't the greatest right now, I huff and I puff, and I'll blow your house down... LOL! But seriously, it is a little scary, but I'm scared of diabetes and getting my knees replaced too! Thanks for the message and hang in there!
  9. Hi Lisa,
    I'm sure I'll be more than just a little anxious when the time comes for me. I think we are making the right decision. It's scary. I even said, at one point, that I'd never do it, but quality of life is as important as length of life, IMO. My quality of life, recently, has been in the toilet. It's a big step, but I'm ready. Thanks for reaching out and friending me!
  10. Welcome, I too have made the decision to have the sleeve. Now as the date draws near, I find my anxiety rising. I'm not backing out though, I need this. I'm going to seek some counseling.
    I sent you a friend request, I think we are making the right decision...
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