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  1. Thanks Sandra! Yeah, my midsection is where my weight always went. I looked perpetually 12 months pregnant! LOL!
  2. Wow Lisa! amazing photos! the difference is huge especially in your mid section!! and it's just in a few months! more to come! I hope you do feel much better now! take care!
  3. Thanks for the advice on one new food at a time! I wish us both luck with our veggies! LOL
  4. When you will try food, at first try one new thing per meal. If you mix up different foods it will be hard to know what your stomach like and don't like. I still can't have Brussels sprouts and cabbage has never been my friend even before surgery (because I have IBS). But I'm pretty sure at some point cauliflower and broccoli will be back in my diet...may be 2017!
  5. Thanks for the reply! I love both of them and they are a staple in a low carb diet, I hope after surgery I'll be able to eat them also, along with brussel sprouts and cabbage...
  6. Cauliflower and broccoli are from the cruciferous family. They are just more difficult to digest than let' say green beans or zucchini. At first I couldn't even have pepper bell, now it's fine. I hope at some point cauliflower will be ok!
  7. What's wrong with broccoli and cauliflower please?
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