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  1. Thank you. But I miss YOU! I know you have a new gig and that you must be working hard at it. I'd love to hear how it's going for you.

    And I really should chime up more on the daily menus thread. But my life here is pretty busy, too -- I retired! Yup, what they all say is true: When you retire, you wonder how you ever had time to work.

    Maintaining still at 135 pounds. Jeez! I never thought it would be so easy. Not that I don't plan my ass off (you know me). But I've never maintained any weight loss for a year.

    Did I already say I think this surgery is a freakin' miracle?!?!

    Thanks for sayin hi.
  2. Ann, just wanted you to know how helpful your posts and thoughts have helped me some days when I really needed to "hear" some common sense about wls. I'm glad to see you're still providing your sage wisdom with the group, some of them really need some good advice. I wish you continued success and thanks for sharing!!
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