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  1. Hi diane, yea, got the job and bet you are a real asset. Good to hear from you and i agree about this site, drives me crazy some times, not what it used to be. I still check it in the hopes that there are one or two who can use the support. Also for me. I am still out here on my own so it does have a bit of focus power for me.

    I do not do social network. Seems strange to still wake up every day with the sleeve on my mind. Better than the alternative though.

    I give up with the saggy stuff, helps that i am the only one who sees it. I'm ok in clothes just have one wish to get rid of the apron. It's not too bad, doesn't hang down to my knees or anything just makes it harder to wear certain clothes that i like. Spanx just makes it worse. I can live with it.

    You take care, keep up the great work. Bye dear friend joanne
  2. Well hello, Joanne... My name is Diane...
    I did get the job, hence; I haven't been on this site as often because learning a new job at my age isn't easy...lol... I'm doing great and loving working on the bariatric surgery department. I get to work with the patients before and after surgery, and am the assistant to the coordinator of the program who also had weight loss surgery 13 years ago. We're all about doing the right thing for the patients. I kind of grew tired of this site, it's a bunch of people who seem to like to whine or ask questions they should know the answers to; if you know what I mean. It will be 5 years for me in July and I'm still loving life. Keeping the weight off is a challenge sometimes, but not one I can't meet. Losing the extra 5-6 lbs. is much more manageable than losing that first 145 lbs Now that I'm older, I'm not liking the way my sags are getting saggier and saggier (is that a word) and the boobs are nothing to look at...if you could even pick them off the floor...lol...

    How is life for you? Hope you're keeping active and enjoying life because that's what it's all about! I think about the veterans and wonder how they're doing, but I guess they got busy with life and feel they don't need the support this site provides. I feel I can't get enough support and keep working my own program. Thanks for reaching out and please keep in touch
    Warm Regards,
  3. Hi gal, well here i am 4 years old. Want to thank you for the support, advice and inspiration you have given over the years.
    Hope you are well and wondering if you got that job.
    It is always good to share so lets keep it up. There are so many that have disappeared over the years and i hope they are doing ok.
    (wish i could remember your name) please remind me.
    Love ya joanne
  4. Wow amazing pic.glamour or what! How are you doing? Things sure have changed on our support site, I sure miss it. Good to know that you are still out there doing your thing.
    I really need to update my pic. I ws 180 when it was taken.

    I am doing OK not qs easy as early days but still working for me. I have never maintained this well before. For me this the biggest bonus. \how about you.

    I was told today that I was lucky that I was so thin.....what...who are they talking to? Still do not see me s that person. Oh my. I am so grateful for my sleeve.

    You take care and keep in touch. Ciao Joanne
  5. Joanne, I want to apologize for putting your name as, "Sandra" in the post that I replied. I am not as good at multi-tasking as I once was I really hope you're doing well, and maintenance seems to be going well. It's a grand life, isn't it, Joanne Keep in touch...
  6. Thanks JG for your like, funny how that just came to me while I was reading the blog. I have thought about it after I posted and I realized how true it is for me. How are you, well I hope. You sure look agreat, I always look for your input on this site. Take care Joanne
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