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  1. Hi Kari, how are you doing, I am in a struggle at the moment as I can't seem to eat much at all, seen my surgeon and having a contrast barium meal next Friday, I know the whole point was to lose weight but 112lbs since my surgery seems an awful lot when I look at other people who have had surgery around the same time as me, I feel ok and have sailed through everything untill 4wks ago, I do hope your surgery has been a huge success for you as well.
  2. How are you feeling today?
    Luv Kari
  3. Hi Kari, how are you doing, although November May seem a long way off trust me it will be here before you know it.
    The sleeve is an amazing gift and tool in our quest to be slimmer, I am now going to start urging people to keep in touch with their bariatric team life long. Apparently we disappear around year 3/4 so not a lot of data around for over 5yrs and what happens to us after that time, so please ladies and gentleman all it takes is a phone call once a year.
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