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  1. Hey Tamera

    Thanks for writing and I appreciate the compliment. I'm probably a bad example to follow when it comes to benchmarks for doing things and eating things. I am impatient and pushed myself to get back to normal as quickly as possible. I had the procedure on a Thursday and was back at my desk the following Tuesday. I couldn't work a full day, but, by the end of the week, I was back to normal. As for physical activity, I was back at lifting weights and exercising a week after that. I'm an ex athlete so my core strength is at a different level than most at my age.

    As for the gurgling, my stomach gurgles after I eat every time and I'm a few months away from five years post op. I just learn to live with it. It's annoying as hell, but, a small inconvenience when looking at the big picture. The hungry sensation you are feeling is probably indigestion. Pretty common for the first two or three months. Take ppi like prilosec or zantac and that should handle it for you.

    If you need any advice along the way, please feel free to email me at wmd1@gmx.com

    I'm glad to help whenever asked.

  2. Congratulations Tinman on your success. It is just Awesome. I had the same surgeon as you. They gave us instructions for the first 6 weeks. Trying to plan ahead. I have a couple weeks till I'm at six wks. I was wondering how long you waited before doing heavy lifting or ab work. It seems it takes longer than six weeks to completely heal. I know everyone heals differently, just don't know how to tell when we are completely healed. Also how long did that hungry/gurgling sensation last? I would appreciate any input,Tamera
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