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  1. Hi Tinman, I sent you a couple of PMs, did you get them? I just had some questions and your answers are always so thorough...Thanks
  2. You're very welcome for the compliments! I love your enthusiasm! I'm a big girl myself 5'9' and big boned. I have never been thin in my adult life, so I have no idea what my ideal weight should be. I'm just going to aim high and add 20 pounds, then I can feel really good when I surpass my goal weight! lol
  3. Thank you for your reply. I am indeed a pretty big guy. I am an old broken down ex football player. I am 6'3". I really appreciate your compliment.
  4. Thank you for your posts, advice, and encouragement! I'm going to the same place you did with a different doctor, same deal though. You look great by the way! How tall are you, if I may ask? You look like a big guy!
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