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  1. Yes....I didn't start losing till I started eating my protein, drinking my fluids and trying to eat 45-60 carbs daily (per my NUT). Then it started falling off. I still have off days like today....I have only had 400 cals and 31 protein. Just couldn't do it. It's so weird I don't even like food anymore. Good luck. Keep on trying to get in your food and protein.
  2. How are you doing? I'm losing like crazy all the sudden....I'm down to 216......so averaging 5lbs a week. I'll be glad when I can start exercising.
  3. yeah I talked with my doc today pretty much the same thing. Also mine comes and goes. So they think it's my body trying to adjust....just told me to monitor and call if it persists.
  4. Hey I had a fever last night 99.7....freaked out a bit. This morning its gone. Have you spoke with your doctor about yours? Just curious why some people get low grade fevers. Or am I freaking out over something silly?
  5. I'm good. I had a fever the first 3 or 4 days....never got over 100 tho.
  6. I am not sure what caused it but finally got rid of it after 3 days. How are you doing ?
  7. My friend why do you have a fever?
  8. I'm doing pretty good. I'm getting in anywhere from 40-50 oz fluids a day. It is a battle tho. Finally broke my low grade temp. Feeling pretty good....still have gas gas gas. Glad to hear your doing well.
  9. How are you doing?
  10. God bless you with a speedy recovery
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