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  1. I can't believe the baby is 2, but I can absolutely believe that you still have the baby weight....thats only because I gained with both of my lovely children.
    here's my advice....go into your blogs and go waaay back to your 1st post and read. read your complaints (if you had any) and read about the weight loss and all of the NSV's
    your sleeve is there. do you feel full after eating a little or are you back to presleeve amounts? I am not good at coming on here anymore, even tho I keep saying I will. I'm gonna message u my number
  2. hey lady!!! you look amazing!!! I'm disgusted with myself though. still haven't lost the baby weight & max just turned 2!!!! I have fallen off the wagon & got ran over by it lol. Just can't seem to get back on track at all. before I got pregnant with him I was a size 6 & now I'm a 14. Still haven't gotten back to the gym but I'm hoping to soon. My older son (14) wanta to go w/ me so I'm hoping we can help keep each other accountable. I think my problem is I've become too complacent & just don't care anymore. any tips? Hope you & yours had a nice Thanksgiving!!! Take care & ttys. Michele
  3. How's it goin?
  4. Glad to hear you and the baby are healthy and doing well :-)
    As for baby weight, keep in mind your baby is only 5 months old
    Give it time :-)
  5. HI! He's great!!! 5 months already!!! Teething,eating babyfood & cereal. Still nursing. Started back to work so I'm extra tired. Still haven't lost any baby weight & I'm more hungry due to still nursing. Its getting frustrating!!! Oh well, one day at a time I suppose. Glad to hear you're doing well! Gotta get Max & myself to bed. Take care & ttys!
  6. Hey!!! How's baby Max? How are you doing? Infants are a lot of work ;-) hope your doing great!
    I'm doing pretty good. I'd say 'can't complain' buy I do complain so I won't say that. I'm loving the nice weather and working outside every day, doing a rock wall by mysleft. Should have some muscles after this. I dropped down to 123 but I am up two pounds so it's a start. It's hard. Feel like I'm eating 24/7....but the reality is what I eat is a lot less then a normal person. Working on it.
  7. Hi! how're you doing?
  8. Hi! Max is doing great! He's 2 months already & nursing Luke a champ! I however am struggling w/ my weight & eating. Haven't really lost any baby weight because I've fallen back into old food habits-ice cream donuts etc. plus I'm not exercising. All I do is nurse,eat & sleep it seems. If I don't have somewhere to be I don't leave my house������ I rationalize it by telling myself he needs the calories in the breast milk but it's a lie. I really need to get back on track soon before I go back to work in April. I think I stretched my sleeve during pregnancy because now I can eat 1 1/2-2 c at a time in an hour depending on what it is. I'm just really frustrated & disappointed w/ myself. Ialso I'm having some postpartum hair loss & im getting my tubes tied on the 24. So I'm worried abt that. Sorry to unleash my pity party on you. How are you doing?? Thanks for checking on me & I'll try to keep in touch on here more often! ����������������to you!!!!
  9. Hi! Just checking in to see how your doing. I know your busy with your baby but if you get a chance let me know how your doing
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