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  1. It's proper name is bougie or maybe calibration tube is good too. Hope this helps .

    Dr. A
  2. Sorry to be a bother Is there another name for a bougie that maybe the nurse in my office is familiar with? I don't doubt my doctors status or distrust him. He's well know and one of the best as I hear you are. I'm just one of those patients who wants to know every last detail so I know what to expect. I'd. Watch my own surgery. If allowed. I don't like going in blind, if its gonna be the worst pain I've ever felt I like to know. I don't like a silver lining or sugar coating. I watch the videos of the operation, I read all info and ask enough question's to drive one crazy:-) So my apologies on all the questions.
  3. Anytime. Glad they were useful!

    Dr. Alvarez
  4. I saw the video, thank you. I just talked to my office and the woman I talked to said she had never heard of that. I am also a slipped lapband patient who is converting to the sleeve and saw your video on that as well. I asked my office about the risks of a slipped band conversion and they've never had a problem converting. That put my mind at ease. I guess I'll have to ask my surgeon bougie size in person. Thank you for the videos and questions answered.
  5. Hi Jennifer. I know this video will explain and clear the questions you may have.
    VSG Q&A's: What is a bougie? - YouTube

    Dr. Alvarez
  6. What is all this 32fr bougie, 37 fr, etc?
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