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  1. I have not told anyone either (YET), we are sneaking off. I run a business so is kinda hard to vanish for 4 days. I think he is a great Dr. Some of my friends went to Mexico to a different Dr. and I was not comfortable with the site, organization, and not enough experience. Was like a dental clinic that is now doing sleeve. However, both of them had a good experience with staff, hotel, etc... So don't be worried. He's done a ton of them and we are in good hands. And now you know someone there. Once I let peeps know, I will friend you on facebook. The girls that work for me all have my fb login so I can't chat there yet. I feel a ton better knowing you virtually. Like Whew!!! Both my friends have had amazing results. And I am done with this FAT me. I am excited to meet you Thursday AM. Also, if you need anything when you are there - my Hubby is a great help, we can send him out.
  2. Not sure if it says anywhere in here but my name is Shani. I don't even know if I am doing this correctly.
  3. What time is your shuttle from San Diego?
  4. Traveling from MO
  5. I am traveling with my Hubby. I just can hardly wait to get it over with!!! We arrive late Wednesday. I'm starving already.
  6. See you in a few days!!!!
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