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  1. @yolymarie

    I'm doing well. Weight loss was stalled out for about a month, but seems to be going down again... albeit slowly.

    Things have been super stressy lately as we are prepping for a move cross country in less than 2 weeks. Haven't been doing well getting in enough liquids unfortunately, which I'm pretty sure is why my loss is slowed. Also, I stopped tracking and don't think I'm getting in enough calories. At least I know what to do to fix the situation. lol

    How are you doing?
  2. Just checking in. How are you doing??
  3. You look Great!
  4. Thanks! :-) My incision sites look much better now, though they're still kinda purple. I've been really sick with a massive si us infection for 6 weeks now so am not really that active online lately. As soon as I'm feeling better...
  5. You look Great!
  6. Just stopped by to send my wishes for your surgery to go smoothly and your rapid recovery!

    Try to sleep tonight through the excitement! lol
  7. Hey yolymarie :-)

    I know your liquid diet is only 3 days, but I just made a blog post about the first 5 days of my pre-op diet and what's been working for me I thought you might want to check out (in case you want to kick start ;-) ).

    Is your 3 day pre-op diet just clear liquids only? I'm curious about the differences.
  8. I am very lucky my pre-op is only 3 days. I am glad your's is now only 10 days. 4 weeks would be tough for me. I hope I am not starving to death when I get to Mexico. I tend to eat all day long..
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