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  1. Hi

    I had my surgery in Turkey where I currently live.
    It was self-pay and cheap too!
    I was with the expert in Turkey and I was in Hospital for 7 days.
    The Care I recieved was out of this world!
    I called them chatted.
    Booked in and they took care of everything.
    I have been well all the way through and its easy!
    After 2 months I was been able to eat healthy food meat fish chicken vegetables.
    I always go for protein first then if room veg then carbs.
    Its tasty as I like flavour in my food spice herbs garlic etc.
    It great as I eat a small portion and then you are full!
    Go for it!
    Sorry, the ID stuff did not apply to me in the same way as you ask I had to show my passport and residency card when I was in Hospital and for me, it was a package that was quoted and stuck to regardless of anything that they did.
    Let me know how you get on.x
  2. Hey! I am seriously considering this surgery. I would just like to know a few things about your experience. When you were in the process of paying for it, did you have to send in a picture of your ID for the cardholder? Just kind of hesitant with all the identity theft. How was your overall experience?
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