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  1. I'll be there midday the 10th getting and surgery on the 11th. So if you want to exchange emails you can write me at mnaumannrn@aol.com or phone is 802-299-9883 if you want to text or call.( mine is unlimited)
    I have Almanza as my doc in Tijuana. You are same hospital but a different surgeon, right?
    If you'd like you can come and find me when you get in and send my family an update if I have not yet....and I will look in on you right after surgery and contact your family.
    I'm also on FB if it helps to message via that. Although I'm not posting about my surgery on there.
  2. Are you going thru weightloss agents? I am going alone and my family wants me to find someone to buddy up with..... Do you want to try to stay in contact? Are you going alone?
  3. Mine is the 12th- maybe see you out there!
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