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  1. Congratulations on getting scheduled for surgery. I am doing well. Initially i had a few challenges - it really was difficult for me to get all of my fluids in etc. But once I hit the 6 week mark and advanced my diet, things seemed to click and get easier for me. The first few weeks were challenging, but Dr. Greene's office has been great.
  2. Hi...I have Aetna too..and Dr. Greene...They took the entire 30 days to approve me..they contacted Wendy late yesterday, the last day. My surgery is Sept. 23..I am doing revision from band to gastric sleeve. Hope you are doing well.
  3. Hi - I'm just over a week out o surgery. With my insurance the approval came back really quickly - I have Aetna - and then Wendy called to schedule. There is one other lady on here who used Dr. Greene - East Coast Girl. I've talked to her some. Overall I've had a great experience with Dr. Greene.
  4. Just wanted to say hello. I am a patient of Dr. Greene...Hope you are doing well. I have not had surgery yet but hope to have my stuff submitted for approval this week..if all goes well.
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