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  1. I hope everything is going well for you!
  2. Hey! Good luck! I had A five-day up but started at six. The first three days were the hardest. You'll be OK just stay strong and remember the reason why you're doing it. Make sure you don't cheat and follow the guidelines accordingly. Drink a lot of water because after surgery you won't be able to have any water for about 24 hours. The surgery is right around the corner from you. I had a great experience with the Dr Almanza and the staff. I was nervous as hell but now I am seven days out and feeling much better.It is a little nerve-racking because it's surgery in another country but the staff will take care of you. Best of luck!
  3. Greeting ladies! yes,i am absolutely nervous,but i'm very excited for my future. so i started my pre op diet two day earlier (today makes day 3) and I've already lost 7 ibs.
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