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  1. Hey! Sorry for the late response, been pretty busy. I'm doing really good and I'm glad to hear you're doing good as well. Averaging about 1 to 2 pounds a week now but like you I'm OK with that. It is very difficult to get your protein intake without the shakes. I tried it as well but it is impossible to get the calories with the amount of food we eat so protein shake it is. The solid food is amazing, I appreciate it more than ever LOL. My taste buds have definitely changed and I'm noticing things I normally would like don't taste the same. It's kind of disappointing but at the same time it's a blessing. I can't believe it has been about a month and a half since surgery... how time flies. How is your energy level? I have good days and bad days. Sometimes when I bend over to pick something up I get a little lightheaded or if I work out I get winded easily so I just have to be conscious of what I'm doing and not force myself. Step-by-step but we're heading towards our goal. ��
  2. Vanessa,
    How are things going? lets see with me I am plugging along weight coming off slowly which is fine. Averaging 1 to 2 textured meals a day, still feel pretty picky about what tastes good to me any more, not always reaching my protein, was trying to not have protein shakes, and getting protein in by eating, that doesn't seem to be working, so back to a shake or bar a day to up the intake...
  3. Doesn't it feel wonderful! We are on our way to a healthier and happy life. And what a great idea, I will probably join a dance class soon as I am a little better. You keep up the great work as well. Keep me posted!
  4. i am similarly wearing clothes that I had already, but fit much better!... keep up the good work.. tying to exercise more, taking 2 step/line dance lessons for the fun of it.
  5. Hey! Working nights is very challenging. I started work on Monday and I do feel a little tired by the end of the day. Our bodies just need to get used to it but the vitamins seem to help. No new clothes yet. My clothes actually fit better because I was about this weight for a few years. I started gaining the last few months that were making my clothes too tight so i'll be good for a little bit. It's a wonderful feeling! What about you?
  6. Hi Vanessa,
    Have you started back to work yet, I was a little tired this am, but working nights isn't easy in itself.. Have you had to buy new clothes yet? you should be bagging in your clothes now...yay!!!
  7. Hey! I haven't had any issue with a particular food at this point. although today I had a little bit of heartburn and I think it was because I didn't eat much.That sucks about coffee, I normally like my coffee with a lot of sugar and cream so if I feel the same as you maybe it's a good thing Lol. The only thing is I'm having a hard time getting on my water in because I get full so quickly but I am definitely trying.
  8. you are doing wonderful, and you are right, it will come off eventually. Have you discovered anything you do not like anymore? I find I need lime in my water, don't like coffee anymore, drinking tea. But I do have lots of energy and have been getting lots of things done around the house. I start back to work tonight...
  9. Hey! Chicken sounds so good right now lol. The flight home was hell. I got home at just after 12am and was completely beat . Im glad to hear everything has been easy going and 13 pounds down! WOW that's awesome, keep it up! I'm 19 pounds down but at a stale right now. It's ok because it will come off eventually.
  10. Hi... it has been pretty easy going, i have had chicken a couple of times, but keep going back to soft foods as well. How was your flight home? I am down 13 which makes me content with my progress. you?
  11. Hey! It's been quite a ride but things are getting easier for me. I'm on soft foods and haven't had any complications...thank god! I'm so glad I got to meet you and I really hope you are doing well also.
  12. Hey I tried sending you a private message but I don't know if some going through. Are you here have you had surgery yet question I hope if you did you're doing OK let me know. I had my surgery done yesterday because it was early when we got in let me know how you're doing.
  13. Hey! All is well hopefully you're doing good too. I know right, Weight loss agent sends an email confirming and sent the packing list and I was like ohhh $#!@, can't believe we are 6 days away from surgery. I'm starting my preop diet today. I've been getting mixed emotions and even though I feel like I'm making the right decision sometimes question myself.I think it's just the nerves. You're right, it's going to be hard but we definitely got this!
  14. How are you doing? it is becoming real right? our pre op diet begins in a few days... we got this!
  15. Hey!! Yes you will!
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