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  1. Hi there, glad you are doing well. Mine went well too. I feel like it was so quick, sometimes it feels like it hasn't even happened yet. I had no complications, no nausea/vomiting and very little gas. I've been home since Tuesday evening, and very happy with my decision so far. I did have one small setback, when I drank too much for my little tummy to handle, and man, did that hurt. I won't do that again. Keep me posted on your progress, so glad all was good for you!!
  2. Hope you are doing as well as or better than me. Mine was done in the 29th and I feel pretty good. Tired, a little nauseous, and had a couple headaches. We are going over to the hotel later today and home in the morning. Good luck and let me know.
  3. Good luck on your surgery on Monday. Mine is the same day so we will have to chat when we are done. I'm still really nervous, but I know this will be great once I'm done and out of the recovery process. Prayers for an easy recovery!!
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