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  1. Just thinking of you.
    I hope that you accomplished your mission and that you have a wonderful time!
  2. We leave Sunday! The packing has begun. Today we will practice getting into our sleeping bags with liners. And go to the bank, as they said to use only cash (US dollars) in Tanzania. Which means we will be carrying quite a bit of cash around our neck (makes me a little nervous) not only for expenses but tips for all the porters on the climb and safari guides. Supposedly our credit cards don't work there. It will be a busy week.
  3. Have you started the countdown yet?
    When are you flying?
  4. Thank you! I will look into that program, I think I like it. No, the admin couldn't find me anymore, but one of my old coaches remebers me. I will take it up again, when we return to the Netherlands. We are taking the ferry from Greece back into Italy tonight.
  5. Yep it's the Freestyle program. Love it! Basically how we are to eat. They have a points system for many foods, but things like lean protein (eggs, fish, chicken, beans) fruits and veggies are all 0 points. So you use you points for carbs, nuts, or something like that. I think I get 23 points a day. Sometimes I don't even use them all because we basically eat chicken and fish with veggies. And now that I've stopped drinking I don't have to count those points! The app is cool as it's basically tracking for dummies. No work at all. You can even take a photo of a bar code on any packaged product and it gives you the points. Like for lunch I had one of those little tuna salad packs with crackers, did the bar code, 3 points. My protein drinks are 2.

    They should be able to find you in their system. I was a lifetime member in another state back in the early 90's when no one used computers, and they found me. I would call them and have them find you! Then it's free.

    Good luck!
  6. Is the Weight Watchers program you follow this Freestyle program? I am kinda looking into it. I also found a coach I used to go to, but that was ages ago and it seems WW doesn't have my name anymore. So no chance I will go back as a life time member... So now I am trying to find something online. I know that in the States the newest programs are used, in the Netherlands we have this freestyle thing. Is that the same thing? Then I can find lots of recipes.
  7. That's a bummer!
    Hope the doctor will describe PT!
    Good luck.
    And as a very wise friend of mine once said: "everybody wants to get old, but no one wants te be old"...
  8. Well going good until I hurt my rotator cuff before Christmas slipping on ice, saw the doctor who said it was just strained, but then REALLy hurt it in a body pump class about 3 weeks ago! See the doctor again Wednesday. It had better be something they can help in PT, because I have no time for surgery. Frustrating. This getting old sucks. I'm still getting in my hiking, but no strength training that I need.
  9. You can do it!
    You are one strong woman!
    How is your training for the Kilimanjaro going?
  10. I did, thanks! I'm out-of-town for almost 2 weeks now and doing my best not to eat a single bit of junk, as I typically return from vacations with a gain. Hope to stay the same this time. Not easy around three cute grandkids who are always eating things I shouldn't.
  11. Did I miss the post where you were celebrating getting back on your goal weight?
    So sorry...
    But hey, you did it!
    You ARE an inspiration!
  12. Yes, and we have signed up with the #1 organization to get us there. They have a 98% success rate which is pretty cool. They take 7 days to climb in order to get your body used to the altitude. That being said, altitude is the main reason people have to come back down, and if the team evaluates you and finds you sick enough, they force you to come down. (It's that or die!). And they say there is no way to predict who will get severe altitude sickness, it doesn't depend on your age, fitness level, just the luck of the draw. I am totally excited and hope we make it, but even if we don't it will be quite the experience. After the climb we are going on a 5 day safari to see the animals.
  13. Is this the same climb you are going to do?
  14. Back from out-of-state for the funeral so now it's sort of starting to hit me. I am not taking time for myself, just so crazy busy trying now to figure out finances. I need to get back to my woods. We are taking a vacation Tuesday, so I will get as much done before then. No fun being an only child, but hubby is a big help. Thanks for thinking of me!
  15. How are you doing?
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