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  1. Hey sweetpea! Looking great! And so glad you are feeling well. I'm a bit better in some ways (maintenance is less a mystery this week).

    Had a Zoledronic acid IV this week (i have them about every 6 months); it was a boondoogle and ended up with exra labs, and looking like they used a sledge hammer and railroad nail on my arms. Feeling slightly better today but it takes about 5-6 days to ease off.

    We are NOT getting any hurricane things other than rain from outer bands with wind this morning. So grateful we sold our beach place at Myrtle Beach, last summer. Our friends from there were on the way to Canada for an annual family reunion. NC has had lots of hurricane stuff the past few years.

    Getting blonded on Monday -- excited. You and Ann2 looks so fabulous, and I'm hoping people won't treat me as quite so fragile if my hair isn't snow white. Then again, working that old lady thing has its graces as well.

    Hugs! Annie
  2. So sad, I'll be praying for her!
  3. Sharon, I'm not posting this part about Kristi on the site. She was being moved without her parents, who will have to travel up to Minnesota from Sioux Falls. She facetimed with her closest friends, ws desparate to see her mom and dad before surgery and very scared.

    There is a chance that the infection in the upper spine and neck may leave more damage, as in being unable to have full function of hands/arms.

    I hear from her most days, but expect her to be recovering from whatever they did toay and tomorrow.

    She does not believe it was the result of the sleeve, but rather the stress of the surgery that caused the lupus to flare, resulting in inflammation everywhere.

    She is a fighter, but she's the age of my middle daughter, and she is just such a joy. Truly praying for full recovery for her.
  4. Sharon, it is often hard to remember to find the moment in front of you -- we spend so much time in the past, and looking ahead. A lesson I work on daily.
  5. Right now our group is reading "Creating Moments of Joy," which is very helpful.
  6. Here is a very positive link on resources https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/loca...aregivers.html for caregivers
  7. Sharon (my bad - someone noted you as Susan...) I have a wonderful paperback Caregiver book; I'd be happy to mail it to you, if you think it might provide some comfort or ideas. I had a "muddle" of about 5 years due to medication, and my poor husband and oldest daughter had a time. My PCP listened. They diagnosed me with Parkinsons, when it was the meds. Grateful to have dodge it. I know how difficult it was for those trying to care for me -- I was pretty resistant and finally paranoid. Life's a trip, yep!
    I am content, which is probably the same as happy; my life is in most areas way better than its ever been, and certainly the return to reasonable health has been some of it. Adult children who are successful and good citizens, good friends with each other, and contribute to the world in positive ways. So in spite of me, they are pretty darn remarkable. And Jim. He's just one of the best human beings, say even people who've known him for 65 years. I really feel fortunate. Lots of men would have just locked me up!
  8. It's Sharon, not Susan, but no big deal! You're sweet, my mom is a mess, and I'm trying to learn how to deal with it. She can't remember ANYTHING short term. So I visit everyday and have no clue if she is telling me the truth or not. I'm sure she has no clue either. She can't remember how to wash her clothes, and I think is just putting dirty stuff back in the drawer. I joined a support group for caregivers, but we've been so busy this summer I miss it a lot. We may have to move her from Independent to Assisted Living, which costs much more obviously. But she has enough money for hopefully the rest of her life as she's almost 92. Thanks for thinking of me! And thanks for all the help you are giving others here, you're amazing! All your medical issues and you are still positive, happy, and full of life!
  9. Good morning, Susan! I've been thinking about you this morning for whatever reason, and hope things are going well with your mom. It's a big adjustment (and one I think my daughters have reason to fear, lol). Love your canyon photo! You do a wonderful work encouraging others with practical information.

    Just touching base. Peace!
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