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  1. Hi Tommy, your very welcome! I'm glad if you can notice a little improvement. Constant pain is draining.. May be your nut will be able to help you more during your next post-op regarding the supplements (I think the doctor might not, but you'll see). I must say that I've been using alternative medicine for almost 30 years now, some things work, other don't. Homeopathy can be a big help, the key is consistency. But because I had health issues since I was a little kid, I had to look for alternative medicine because if conventional medicine did save my life several times, I also suffered some really bad side effects. So I try to take the best of both world
    I'm going to try to take capsules of Emu oil again very soon, I did take it 12 years ago when I lived in New Zealand and had some ligament issue. I was also doing physical therapy and other things so I'm not sure what worked, but I will take a break from my omegas and switch for Emu probably by the end of the week, if I see an improvement I will write a blog about it. Have a great week too! take care!
  2. Sandra, thank you much for your personal response. I started taking the Arnicare "Arthritis" tabs this past Saturday, not sure if psychosomatic but I believe I am starting to see some slight improvements. Going to continue to see how it progresses. I have a doc and nut appointment on 3/31 so going to discuss more with them regarding what is an acceptable way for me to add the tumeric into my diet. Like you said, maybe as simple as adding as a spice. My sleeve has not given me any problems so far with spicier foods that I love. Thank you again for your response and have a great week.
  3. I'm replying here on the post you left on my blog. I did write you about taking homeopathy (that was on your blog) with names of what I take. Basically arnica is the main ingredient, homeopathy is always safe I gave it to my kids since they were babies.
    To answer you question I started to take turmeric when I was one year out, but my surgeon cleared me to take anything (except NSAID's indeed) when I was one month out. I guess some doctors are more cautious than others, but also mainly because they are only used to deal with conventional medicine and know nothing about supplements. For example my surgeon told me I was fine to take my omegas at one month, but my nut disagreed. She was right, I couldn't digest it before 3 months out.
    Regarding the turmeric, it's also a spice, you can put it in your food. One of the main property being anti-inflammatory, it's actually recommended to heal stomach's lining, you should search it you will see.
    So I'm not telling you to go against what your doc say, I'm just saying their knowledge of supplements is limited. Regarding homeopathy, you can look online on Vitacost or iherb. It's much cheaper compare to prices in pharmacies but also you will see many comments of people using it.
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