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  1. Hey Denise! glad to see you back!! you are doing so good!!! congrats!!! we need photos for sure!!
    I haven't lost all the weight yet, it's very slow but it's still going down...I do feel bigger than I look and I think it will take a while to sink in...take careXX
  2. Hey !! Cheers for message and sorry for delay ! Ive popped up a blog post with updates. I hope you are well chick ! x
  3. Hello Denise!

    I'm happy to see your message this morning!! please post pics!! can't wait!
    wow 160 pounds that's so amazing!! for sure exercise does wonder!!

    And I'm sorry about your boyfriend, but hey plenty of fish in the sea!!
    The most important is to be able to enjoy your new life and with that much dancing I'm sure you are!!

    take care and big hugs!
  4. Hey. sandra !! I feel bad - its been a long time ! Im doing fantastic. Single now and its manic dating again or going out with mates ! I love dancing - legs lost loads of weight. Im 175 now - was 335 - so thats 160 loss !! Gonna try do a blog over the weekend with piccies ! Hope you are good ! Take care for now xx
  5. Hey Denise! how are you? it's been a long time!! give us an update on how you are doing!!! take care!! big hugs!
  6. Hi Sandra - I did read that when I looked back at your posts - well done for getting rid of that weight as its hard weight to loose ! Im good - 77 pounds down and really need to be 80 on 16th as that is my 6 month sleeversary just before yours ! We are off on a cruise for two weeks on 6th Aug, so Im also frantically loosing weight for that as well lol. Hope your move goes well x
  7. Hey Denise! thanks for your message, I'm very happy you are doing good! I didn't post much either (hotspot=weak internet connexion) since I was in France for two months to take care of the remodeling of our house (we should leave Taipei during Summer 2017), had some health issues, a virus, took corticoids, gained weight, injured my knee and ankle in an accident, was stuck on a stall for a long time and suddenly it was all gone with a bonus :-) I see my doc Saturday, and I will try to exercise more very soon like you: I know it will help a lot! Take care!
  8. Hey Sandra ! Hows things ? I havent posted for a while - got in a rut, but now out again and going to the gym so weight loss creeping off again hope you are well x
  9. I hope you are doing fine today, best wishes of success for your surgery! take care!
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