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  1. I'm so sorry, I thought that might happen. Much love at such a difficult time. I'm so glad you spent that time with her x
  2. Thanks for the good wishes, however she did pass away Thursday. As an only child, I'm just a little stressed at the moment. I'm in Missouri planning a funeral in Wisconsin. with kids and family in Texas, Mississippi, Indiana, and Minnesota. Today I have a truck coming to empty out her apartment I spent 2 days packing up. But the stress is keeping me from gaining weight!!
  3. Sraebaer, thinking of you and your Mama. I know you are spending all your time there, I think thats a good plan but spend some time wandering out to the sunshine, getting a coffee etc here and there. Your Mama is getting the message 'I am here, I am with you'. This is a beautiful thing. Much love x
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