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  1. You can call her dad I suppose...
  2. I'm doing well -- I have a study group on Wednesdays (2 hours) and its very challenging; I have the quarterly newsletter deadline today and am waiting on procrastinators. Meeting tonight at church. Friend stopping by after lunch to return a book....

    It's cold, rainy and yukky in NC. My dogs do not want to get off the porch, nor do I.

    I have not heard from Kristina since she was transferred to Univ of Minnesota -- I am not sure if I should call her -- or her dad? I'm concerned.

    Hope you are well happy and trucking along!
  3. How are you doing today Annie?
    Do you feel better than yesterday?
  4. I'm feeling mostly well Blood sugar plummets (a known VGS thing) are a bit troubling, but since I was on shots for diabetes I'm pretty savvy on them. Had a good report from neurosurgeon - brain tumor has shrunk since surgery and is static.

    I'm fumbling with the maintenance and need to start exercising, but our schedule is just ridiculous. And yet it needs to be a priority.
  5. O wow!
    Annie, what a difference!
    You look a-ma-zing!
    How are you feeling now?
  6. Sorry Annie, this posting was meant for sraebaer.
    Just made a messed it up...
  7. Really?
    Your name is not Susan?
    I am so sorry, I have no idea why I call you that...
    Won't happen again.

    I am sorry to hear about your mom.
    But she is very lucky to have you around to organize things and give her the care she may need.
    First we raise and take care of our children, after that we take care of our parents and some day our children will take care of us (hopefully).
    The circle of life.
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