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  1. Ann, thanks for the note! I did see your writers workshop -- I have several friends who are published authors and I am always astonished at their creativity and concepts. I write poetry, but seldom share.

    I think we are through with tests; I was a bit discombobulated that while its all off whack, the endocrinologist didn't think it was causing my tiredness. So went back to my journals, and investigate when it started to go south, so to speak. I've cut my Effexor XR in half, and will advice my GP when I see her next week (yes, she knows I am competent to titrate dosages on my own) what I've done. And the exhaustion is lifting. Sheesh.

    Have an IV Reclast set up for September along with some scopes, so just basic junk. Feeling better in general with the dosage change - not sure it matters whether the lesser dose is needed due to weight loss or age, just glad to feel a bit more like me!

    Our curse continues - 2 deaths, my daughter gave herself a concussion during their move, husband snapped a foot ligament and youngest threw herself into a nasty relationship and changed jobs. So life is normal!

    You are so gorgeous! Repenting of my short hair...Annie
  2. Haven't been online much the last month or two, because I've been traveling so much this summer. I'm heading out again soon to meet friends for some beach time.

    Thanks for the message. I hope your hyperparathyroidism situation gets sussed out quick and FIXED! That must be such a drag dealing with the symptoms. I'm very sorry that's on your plate.

  3. Hey Miss Ann, just saying hello. Have been diagnosed withed hyperparathyroidism and all tests are back - not sure where we'll go for treatment. Just want to get over the ridiculous fatigue that's going with it. Family coming from the West Coast for 2 weeks -- there is a reason I live across the country from them, lol. But I can do this! I just won't let myself be turned back into 7 year old!

    Kids are well, dogs are well, husband is well. Life is very good. Weight pretty stable, all things considered and occasional issues with toad froth, but more random than eating fast. Love you to the moon, crazy lady! You are so lovely inside and out. (I do wish I hadn't realized when you talked about nips and tucks that I do indeed have a turkey wattle -- thank God for bifocals!)

    Safe travels.
  4. Thank you, Annie!

    Your recent posts sound like you're really, really, really enjoying life and feeling great.

    Very best wishes to you for continued joy and peace and health in 2019.


  5. Just checking in to say hello! Finally over 8 weeks of antibiotics and sinusitis. And the holidays are done. They were great. We're in SC at the beach for a couple of weeks -- not being crazy, but truly enjoying everything in moderation. Lord, do I sound mature or what?

    Best to you for a wonderfully memorable year ahead! You are a peach!
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