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  1. Sally, I just wanted to stop in and wish you the best for today! I am praying for a pain free, fast and full recovery for you!! remember they say to get up and moving as soon and as often as you possibly can and to sip on some water constantly. Best Wishes
  2. My liquid diet started today, should have. Been yesterday but I was out of town. I, too, am looking forward to this being started and for the liquid to end. I'll be watching your progress. Good luck..
  3. Sally, welcome to our July group! Your surgery is coming up at the beginning of the month, mine is the second 1/2. When does your liquid diet start? I am so stinking excited for mine to start, I have been prepared for over a month now and mine begins on the 12th. I need to get on with this, it seems as if July is never going to get here. I hope you are as excited as I am and I just want to wish you the greatest of luck on the new you!!!
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