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  1. Ya like some people look at me and they're like oh you dont need it just eat right, cut some things out and exercise more. I'm like sure thatll work because i just played sports only for fun and not to reap the weight loss benefits. Anyway im still going to get it done because I really want to lose the weight and I dont mind the discipline it takes but I want to gain my fertility back cause I do want kids
  2. My mom doesn't think I need it so she is resistant. My unc works alot.
  3. so what do you mean that your mom and uncle cant go?
  4. Ok so I haven't found many issues post- op for alot of members on here who have had him. But I looked on youtube and found the video where he got bad publicity where people were like OMG i went to go see him and have my vsg done by him and now I have all these problems and some of these problems could've killed me or theyve changed my life forever. Only to find out that the surgeon working wasnt even Dr.Almanza because he had flight tickets and receipts of where he had been off on a vacation with his family and there was another surgeon in the office performing the vsg surgeries but I guess the guy was trying to do it under Dr.almanza's name but the guy got fired and I've read posts and blogs from people that have had surgery after that incident and I havent seen anything similar pop up in the last 3 yrs since that incident.
  5. Are you going along? I am afraid but I may not have a choice if my mom or uncle can't go with me to Mexico
  6. SapphireLevaou what issues or complications information did you discover? WOuld you please share because I had not been able to locate information. I am submitting my documents and preparing for surgery to be scheduled in November
  7. I also plan to get my surgery moreso next july
  8. So for me I've just gone on the groups page and looked under the 2 groups for dr almanza and then I've gone on the surgeries tab to find people who've recently had surgery with him or that are 6mths post op so that I can gain some insight from them as far as how the process has gone but I've gone back to the year 2015 posts because of the plubicity he recieved for those few people having had gotten complications post op from him but so far yr 16' 17' and 18' has been all good
  9. Hey, I see you plan to have your surgery with Dr. Almanza would you shed some light on what you have heard? I am planning surgery for Nov or Dec possibly even November.
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