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  1. You look really good!!!
  2. Oh WOW! What is a full gastric sleeve? YOu lifted 6 weeks after surgery, girl you are amazing .
  3. Hello! Thank you so much! I had my gastric sleeve done 3 years ago and my experience was great. I actually asked him not to do a full gastric sleeve so I wouldn’t lose so much weight. I only lost 60 lbs and. It came off slow. I started lifting weights at the gym about 6 weeks after surgery and kept up my diet for the most part. The only side effects of the surgery have been heartburn and not being able to drink water the way I used to.
  4. WOW. I see you results. How much weight have you loss total? I am in Florida too and I am planning on surgery with Dr. Almanza please share details of your experience with me.
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