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  1. hey lady.. how are you doing? hope good and losing a ton of weight! I am trying some new foods. but still trying to get my portions right.. realistically I can only take max 4 forkfuls.. but I always try for a few more then I know I should not have!!!
  2. start pureed food on Monday.. I don't even want to type it but I really have not been hungry at all... it's been a blessing or I think I wouldn't make it through... I am down to 220 from 241 highest weight... feeling better just still tired. I don't weigh everyday.. twice a week is what i'm sticking with Mondays and Friday morning. can't take big drinks yet.. its pretty painful if it goes down in a large gulp.. so sippy sippy steff I am!!
  3. how are you doing miss Pear?!?! hope you are doing good.. just wanted to check in with ya.
  4. hey there...hope you are still good.. i'm so tired of liquid!! hahaha
  5. I'm glad the second day was better for you. Let's keep in touch. I live in Vista, so my trip down is quick as well. I do pre op tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on the surgery.
  6. Hi there. I'm post op one day! Mexico sleeve with almanza. Not going to lie first night was a bitch but today is so much better. Once you get to hotel and get some sleep. You just feel better!! I don't know your doctor. But so far been a pretty decent experience.. we love close to each other. I love it Santee so didnt have to fly anywhere. That makes it really nice also!! I leave when you getting yours done so I'll be thinking about ya!!
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