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  1. i'm doing good.. thanks for checking on me. haven't been in the mood much to be online.. feeling pretty good but still pretty tired a lot.. feels better on my throat and belly to lay down flat too in the middle of day when I have been on the computer too long!!!
  2. So hello there, how are you doing?
  3. Getting anxious? Are you all packed?
  4. Hey there, I did get the gas x strips. I don't think you could do chewable at that point. I have only ever seen mint, sorry. I didn't buy a sippy cup. Some people can only do tiny sips at first and you want to do that and make sure to start but I actually could drink almost normal sips. I did bring a heating pad and I did use it. I would take one. I had a fairly long cord so I didn't need the extra extension cord I brought.your water! did you bring a heating pad? You really don't need a lot of clothes but do take extra underwear. As far as sleeping, they don't wake you up to walk but I didn't sleep well that night because I was by a window and it was noisy outside almost all night long. Take a little money for shopping at couple of local stores on the day before you go home. And don't pay what they say at first, make an offer. Let me know if I can answer anything else for you. By the way, there were ten of us on the same day and only 4 had someone with them. I did but he didn't have to really do anything medically for me. The nurses will take care of all that for you even back at the hotel. It is different but quite effective. Just be prepared for nothing being like the US really.
  5. thanks for messaging me!! very sweet of you.. start my liquid tomorrow.. will be easy because we are going out of town.. did you get the gas x strips or do you think chewable gas pills would work? I hate mint and I wonder if they have the strips in other flavors! did you buy a sippy cup? haha like alittle child to sip your water! did you bring a heating pad? what on their list do you think is the biggest necessity going down there? i'm going to be by myself so .. apprehensive about that... do you get to sleep or do they wake you up constantly to walk around?
  6. Don't be nervous. I just got back from Tj last week. My surgery was last Monday. Be prepared for it to be different from what you're used to in the US but effective just the same. The first three days aren't easy, I won't lie. But just walk, walk and walk as you able and do exactly what they say and you will be fine. Each day is getting easier. Best wishes!
  7. hope you are doing well!!! excited for you!!!
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