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  1. i haven't eaten any solids yet.. I am on the soup phase I guess.. so broth jello water protein drinks and soups. I tried tomato.. not having it.. too acidy I think.. the cream of chicken is good.. goes down nice.. still can only take sips and if I gulp on accident.. hurts! even if I take a big piece of jello on accident it hurts like its going to come up.. just feel like everything sits in the back of my throat.. looking forward to pureed food to try next week!!
  2. Hey there. Sorry I never saw your messages on here until now.. Well when I headed to the airport for my flight got through the border very fast so was arriving at the airport about 3 hours before my flight and then got a message that my flight was delayed 4.5 hours. UGH.. I did get home okay though.. How are you doing? The first 2 weeks are really a bear aren't they? I have been having a real hard time with protein shakes. My body just doesn't want to keep them down.. I have bought and tried about 10 different kinds. I did just eat my first scrambled egg this morning and tolerated it very well.
  3. hope you are doing well!!!!
  4. Hope you made it home today with little discomfort
  5. So. We sat together today in the van...��.
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