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  1. hope you are doing well! haven't heard from you.. hope you are relaxing in Del Mar and having a nice time at the beach!!
  2. thinking of you lady!! send a text when you can.. I know it is going to go great today!!!
  3. Thank you Belle (hugs) you will do great!!!
  4. I am getting a little nervous... I have a 5 day liquid diet starting on the 5th.. get picked up at airport on the 9th! I keep thinking about how much I will miss my diet pepsi!! hahaha what a crazy thing to miss the most... you can text me if you need me when you are here! I am very close and can be anywhere in about 20-30 minutes! 619 992 9958
  5. How are you doing? Your surgery date is creeping up too!!!! xo
  6. Hi Belle No I am not in San Diego yet. ... still working YUCK! I will be packing last minute but leaving on Sunday the day before surgery. Thank you so much for checking in on me!!! You are so sweet and I appreciate your support.
  7. are you in san diego already?? i'm thinking about you every day!!! keep us posted!!
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