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  1. Can't believe it's almost time. I'm excited for you. I continue to do well. Please let us know how your doing after surgery. When you check into your hotel room see if you can get a room in the back, the rooms there are quiet and view out window beautiful. We had room in front and at times our room was a bit noisy but our room was beautiful and very clean. The area around there is quite nice and safe. We walked all around and felt comfortable. If someone is going with you and they like Tacos my husband recommends the taco stand across the street in front of hotel. They are authentic and only a dollar a piece. Everything my husband bought in the stores were a lot Cheaper than the states. He used a bank card to pay most places and it sends transactions instantly and we couldn't believe it. Good luck and hope you have a good trip down to San Diego.
  2. Hi future sleever, I had surgery By Dr Almanza on 1-24-17. It was an amazing experience. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or want some tips.tleaa@comcast.net Good Luck
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