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  1. Hey girly! Thank you for your kind words. Yes I am a band to sleeve conversion... I do believe that the process is a bit slower for us. I am 4 months out soon and I am down own 50 pounds. Which isnt bad, but Ive seen other people lose about 40 pounds in the first month which was amazing. I am just glad it is coming off. To speed the process up i usually exercise a little harder each time. And when i get home and weight myself the scale has gone down 1 or 2 pounds. Good luck! Send me a message if you ever have any questions.
  2. Hey did you go from a band to the sleeve? I was just looking for some others that have been through this. I had my band for 2 years and lost about 60 pounds and stopped. So, the doc and I decided to try the sleeve. I was just banded on the 3rd and am starting to get back to normal! I've been told it can be slow for banders....any recommendations? I want to be as successful as I can. And YOU are beautiful! Thanks -Deanna
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