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  1. Ann, this is Lee. I have 2 questions:
    About a week ago there was a lady who started a thread about absolutely no sugar. Somehow my avatar showed up on 3 postings I did not write. I would like to know how this could happen.
    Also, could you find the YouTube video called :
    The Break-Rezoom Merry-Go-Round and post it on the Bright Line Eating thread I started? You are the only person I know who could absolutely do it. I have tried several times in various ways. I would at least like the program to be understood.
    Thanks, Ann!
    P.S. I would like to post pictures of myself, but I don't like the way I look in photos anymore. The weight loss has made my face drop and I'm considering a lift. I want to lose a tiny bit and maintain it for a while before I do.
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