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  1. I had the same reaction from people. They thought I was crazy. Never did I feel unsafe, danger or anything negative. The hospital is brand new and behind a locked gate. There is someone at the gate at all times. No one can just go in and out. The hotel was the same, new, had people all around. Never felt unsafe. Many of the nurses and staff spoke enough English to understand. The Dr has a heavy accent and sometimes they think before they talk, but I could understand everything they said all times. I think its very important you bring someone with you though. You need to have an advocate that will look out for you and get things for you. The first few days are rough. We were scheduled to go shopping but after waiting an hour and a half for the shuttle van we were told it wasnt available. It was okay though. After thinking about it, none of us were really up for the trip.
  2. I'm not sure where to start but i know alot of people have some bad thoughts for going out of country especially when its mexico. I want to know how things were in mexico and whether or not you went shopping and if there was a language barrier
  3. Hey ma'am,
    To be honest, the overall experience was great. I felt safe, the staff was wonderful, supportive, and helpful. Truly, I only met the DR once. He met us in the lobby area of the hospital to explain the surgery to us as a group, then posed for a photo op. Never saw the man after that ever. Everyone else was constant, same nurses, staff, but I never laid eyes on the DR after the lobby experience. I guess he did the surgery... lol Others checked on us, but never him. What else would you like to know?
  4. Hey im so glad that you've had the surgey done with the same surgeon I'll be using. i wont be having my surgey til next year but i'd like to know what your experience was like with dr. almanza! I want to know from start to finish what it was like!
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