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  1. Thank you! And good luck!!
  2. Thank you so much for getting to me!!! Thanks for being honest with me....it's good to know that you didn't exercise much....I hate it obviously otherwise I wouldn't have needed surgery!!! LOL I am looking forward to being able to eat whatever I want! Good luck on your continued success!!!

  3. Hi danie!
    I'll be honest with you and tell you I didn't exercise at all the first 6 months, besides walking a few times a week for 15 minutss...im just starting to do pilates and some other things because once I hit 100lbs weight loss it dramatically slowed down..

    also, I didn't even follow the strict diet well. The first 3 months i had no carbs at all, but I tried a piece of toast and slowly introduced my body back into breads. Pasta is a no no for me, you'll learn what does and doesn't agree with your sleeve. I only ate three meals a day and when I would stall I would add in a snack or try to eat a little more than usual cause my body needed more to burn so I could lose. There's no possible way you an over eat without feeling like dying. Even one bite too much is enough for me sometimes.

    Now I eat whatever I want. Just not a lot obviously. I had a slice of pizza on Saturday (actually it was half a slice)
    I ate a cookie last night no problem

    Thank you! And good luck!
  4. Hi diane,

    i am 1wk post sleeve surgery and just came across your profile. What an inspiration!!! What would you say was your key to success??? Diet? Exercise? You look amazing!!!

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