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  1. Bladefox, I read your other post about heartburn. Wow, I wish you didn't have this problem. I'm not a fan of meds either, but I took a few Gas-x strips my first week, and haven't had to use them since. The chicken broth idea is what i did too. No salt seasoning and black pepper, or garlic pepper sure tasts good. Funny I was such a coffee drinker, but now i prefer a warm cup of chicken or beef broth. Please consider the Gas-x strips, they work quick and dissolve on your tongue. Feel better, my friend.
  2. Good to know that everything is working out great! Lately I have been waking up with heartburn so I have been running to get my otc med for that each morning when I get up. It takes me about an hour to get it completely under control with the meds. I'm not feeling that at all . The nurse said that it happens, but I was hoping I would be skipping that little detail. Otherwise, I am healing up good because I don't have any pain. Praise Jesus! I wish I was at the puréed stage like you are because how fancy can you try to make chicken broth . Take care and talk soon.
  3. Good!?! At first I would have periods of head hunger. I thought that I would be better when I could eat a little something. But, my first food day was yesterday and I kind of whimped out! . So far today, I have only had a protein shake with unsweetened almond milk (195 cals/26g protein) and working on my first 32 oz of water. Hopefully, as the days go on I will get better about eating. Kind of scared that I'll have too much, so right now i am writing down everything that I put into my mouth in my journal. Warm hugs my friend.
  4. Hey Lady, how are you doing these days?
  5. Hey Tracke38, I am a bit short-tempered right now. I'm not nervous, or is that what is going on (HA). Anyhoo, I have on a couple of days left and a lot of work and classroom assignments to get ready before I leave my job for two weeks. I am still amazed that you had such a quick and easy surgery and that it has been one-week already. I agree with you about the scale, I'm not going to obsess over the scale either, I'll just use my clothes as an indicator of what's going on. Let's keep each other updated!
  6. Bladefox, just wanted to reach out to you and see how you are feeling. Keep me posted! I can't wait to go to the doctor's office on Thursday for my first (1 week) follow-up. I don't plan on jumping on the scale except at office visits, and the monthly weigh ins once I return to Curves. I just don't want to make myself crazy with scale numbers.
  7. I waked around the ward 3x after surgery, and twice today before coming home. Right now I am just sipping my water, will have a protein shake in a little while.
  8. I am completely impressed!!! You have no pain and feeling good? Amazing. How about the drinking and moving around?
  9. I am at home already! No pain, just baby gas bubbles (belching) I feel great! Make sure to let me know how you are when you get home. Hugs, kisses, and best wishes my friend!
  10. First day out of surgery. Hope all is well!
  11. Thanks for your well wishes! Hopefully I will be in bed by 1 am
  12. Hi Tracke38, I just realized that your BIG day is tomorrow!!! Congratulations and take a deep breath and long sigh out...it's your time Baby!
  13. Thanks girl! We are going to do great! I believe in you!
  14. Congratulations on your approval and I'll let you know my true feelings when I have my surgery on March 7 so that you are ready. Yay US!!!
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