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  1. girl i feel ur painnnnn! I am a fast food JUNKY! Iv nvr had any arabic food, I tried african food once it was sumthng similar to a taco..but it sounds amazing..<so i bttr nvr try it lol> my weakness is deff fried foods i can pass up sweets netime for just about anything fried! I had no choice but to give up eating out tho cuz i have to save evry penny twards surgery.
    I think u'd lose if the only thng u did was cook @home cuz i think thats anther reason the weight is comin off earlier n the yr I was 427, but life got more hectic for me, and I started earning more$ so I was eating out evryday, i put the weight on quick...I say I started @450 but honestly cld have easily bn more my scale goes to 450 n the instant id get on it wld go to error--so who knows!

    u shld get enuff groceries to cook for the week, plan ahead kno wat your making every nite...maybe quick easy thngs that can be done ahead of time.. like the taco salad thng, I actually just had that lst night, u cld cook enuff meat for a couple nites n then u wldnt have to worry the nxt day bout cooking, u cld actually do that all week, figure watever it is u wanna have n make 2 dinners out of it so u only have to cook every other day?? just a thot...I just figure I gotta figure out what vegetables I like cuz i gotta make a wholeeee bunch of them to get me full! lol

    Iv nvr had a sleep study b4 the dr has suggested it a few times to me..but iv always blown it off.. i really shld go do it... let me kno how it works for u
  2. we totally need to email each other haha

    see my issue is that i live alone and there is fast food everywhere! i live in a predominantely muslim community so there is all types of super fattening delicious arabic and african food that can be delivered here for free. like fried cheeses and fried kibbeh (meat and bulghar wheat mixed together and fried) omg so staying in and cooking would help me sooooo much it's insane. but i eat out like every day. last time i cooked was early october

    you are really working it out wow i am amazzzzzeeeeed by you girl. i have to try the chicken soup thing. that is a good idea. i did a low carb thing before via taco salad and lost weight. i need that full feeling too. i swear i can eat 5 people's food with my stomach. ugh it sucks.

    so do you have sleep apnea? i just got a bpap machine, hoping it helps my blood pressure come down. so what weight are you at now? i'm like 450. i gained. i suck.
  3. when i very first started i thot, someone cld actually commit murder and shld b able to get away with it by saying they were following a low carb diet! lol my thing is i cant stand to starve im not strong enough yet to cut my portions down so much that im not completly full after a meal there for i just eat tons of veggies along with it. so some examples of dinners i have is like: stuffed bell peppers the rest of my fam adds rice mixed in with the meat inside the pepper, and its just left out of mine, or if my family is having hamburgers, i just take 2 patties and put it on top of some lettuce, and put nething id normally put on a regular burger. so by any means im not watching calories! the weight is still coming off, as long as i dont eat all the breads, pasta, rice n stuff. and honestly the only excercise ive commited to is taking the stairs instead of the elevator the entire term. not much, but its something for me. I know your trying! just think of things ahead of time that your going to eat so its no suprise, that way u arent ending up eating whatever because your starved, thats when alot of my mess ups happen. im rootin for ya! if you need any ideas of recipes or anything let me know. it would be cool to trade ideas, sometimes it gets kinda old eating the same things over and over.

    ps sorry i didnt realize i had soooo much too say ha ha i had to split it up into 2 msgs
  4. Hey girly! Im not flying first class, i wanted to but the tickets were sooooo expensive there was just no way I could afford it, I checked out one airline that said they had "big seats" there for you would only have to purchase one seat for that section. i checked the dimensions for the seating <thank god> bcuz turns out that supposed big seat is the normal width of the regular seats on other airlines, glad i didnt go with that cuz that wld have bn a mess! my partner is also big, so i have to buy 4 tickets thats y its so much :/ my flight will be around the same amount of time but there is a break about half way thru. The low carb diet info I got actually says its better to eat real butter, i am in no means eating lean meat and stuff! lol i eat bacon/ hamburger regular cheese all that, the only thing is i did switch and start using that I cant believe its not butter spray. I basically eat whatever meat we are having for dinner and add a bunch of veggies on the side, I also started making me a pot of chicken/veggie soup, and waking up and eating it a bowl of that, and then holding off til dinner where id do the meat in veggies. trust me girl dont feel bad about struggling with the low carbs, i had to get on antidepressants over this **** lol
  5. are you flying first class??? i kinda wanna fly first class just for comfort purposes. i am kind of scared flying around a major surgery cuz of blood clots and stuff and it's easily a 4 or 5 hour flight each way for me. how is the low carb diet good for your liver though? or are you doing super lean protein and not eating cheeses/butters etc? only 7 days? wow. i am on a eat 3x more vegetables with my meat type of plan. not low carb but i wish. i actually just ate 4 bagels yesterday. ugh. been doing a lot of salads and grilled chicken but then in between i mess it up with balawa (arabic/african pastry) and bagels. man you are inspiring meeeee girl with your loss. feb 18 doesnt seem like a possibility for me though but at least we can support each other through out the process!
  6. he wants my bmi down to 65 before surgery. so thats where the 60lbs came from UGH! from my understanding he does a 7 day liquid diet for shrinking the liver. but im really trying to get down to my 65 before that starts, he wants me to meet a goal of 15lbs a month so ill be there by the begining of feb. its worked out almost like that, except the first month i lost 20, this month only 10, but i did a wholeeeeeee lot of messin up! lol im feeling pretty good about the month coming up tho, what type of diet are you trying to stick to? low cal, low carb? the diet he gave me was low carb, and he told me not to worry about the calories so much.. <so i dont lol> i know the stuff i eat has quite a bit of calories, but im not eating any bread, rice, pasta , sugar.. u kno all the good stuff haha. but i do have a huge appetite so without eating that stuff im able to eat big amounts of the stuff i do eat. his total cost is 8750, and then the airline tickets cost me 1500 saving has been a real issue too but its gettin there.
  7. wow ur schelduled already? so why do you have to lose 60lbs? is it just because that is the estimated weight to shrink your liver? what about the liquid diet? congrats omg i am so happy for you! it has been HARD for me girl but i got a greek grilled chicken salad waiting on my for dinner. still working out but eating soooooo much. what was ur final price for him?
  8. Hello! how are you? hope u had a good thanksgiving. Everything is going along as planned this way, im scheduled for feb 15th with dr aceves. ive lost 27lbs so far but november was a real struggle! i was doing great the first month, then halloween candy <ughh> then parties, thanksgiving it has been soooooo hard to stay on track! i have another 30lbs to go so i gotta get with it! how are things going with you? do you have a date set or anything, know who your going to? keep me posted
  9. congrats on losing 15lbs! how are you doing still? i am trying my best to keep working out and getting stronger. getting a BPAP machine for when i sleep. still on schedule?
  10. hey girlie thanks for checking in! how are you doing?
  11. Just stopping by to say hello, hope all is well with you!
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