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  1. i seen you pics gigi you look amazing , going to have surgery at the end of January looking forward to getting it done and over with , i wish i would of stuck to my original plan in July.
  2. thank you Gigi, i already walk but on the weekends about 2and 1/2 miles on the weekend sat and sun i want to try and get some exercise during the week but its so hot outside ,i know im making excuses i need to just do it lol
  3. Blinky:
    5 days before...breakfast and lunch - low calorie protein shakes. Stay away from carbs and
    sugars and alcohol. You may have broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable), sugar-free Jell-O,
    sugar-free ice pops, sugar-free apple or grape juice, cranberry juice, Crystal Lite, Diet
    Snapple, water, coffee or tea with a sugar substitute, nonfat milk, or Protein Powder mixed
    with water. The key to the liquid diet is LOW sugar and LOW carbs. Avoid carbonated
    beverages before surgery and CERTAINLY after. If you have a fruit smoothie, make sure
    it's seedless. You should drink six to eight glasses of liquids each day.
    At dinner time during your preop diet, you may have a lean protein with no
    seasoning/spices (lemon juice is ok). Just a couple of bites of chicken, turkey, or seared
    tuna is allowed. This protein aids in shrinking your liver prior to surgery and will help you
    get by.

    Begin getting some exercise. Just walking 30 minutes a day, 5-7 days a
    week, is sufficient.

    Three days prior to surgery: 1 adult dose laxative
  4. Hi gigi what kind of pre diet did they put you on
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