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  1. Hi Lisa!

    I hope all is well for you right now. Lord knows I understand how life in general can get in the way. I has and continues to do so when I least expect it. But as they say, I just roll with the changes (sometimes as difficult as they may be) and hope for the best.

    Thank you for the kind words. I am really trying to grasp the whole concept behind VSG WLS. As you may already know, I had a previous WLS in 2002, but with the RnY, the process of losing back then was a lot different than it currently is with the VSG. Having said that, it is like I am trying to unlearn and re-learn everything in quick succession - sometimes to disasterous results. But I keep plugging away all with the hope of coming out the other end a leaner version of who I once was.

    Take care and hang in there,

  2. Hi Shannon

    Haven't been on here much recently - work and general life have got in the way.
    Hope all is going ok for you.
    Please try not to let the numbers on the scale cloud your view of how far you have come.....and you have come a long way.
    Keep on fighting the good fight and all will be well I'm sure.
    Kia Kaha
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