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  1. Thank you Ann that is very kind of you to say. I often think the same about you too. Such a pleasant and positive person and it shines through.

    The most stunning thing is how good I feel compared to just a year ago. I am enjoying my life like I should be. This weekend I played with my grandsons on my hands and knees and in our pool and then had energy to go to the gym afterwards. I cant help to be a happier person all around. I feel like helping others feel this joy is just my little price for this happiness.
  2. Ghostryder, you've made such amazing changes in your ... everything!

    And you are such a great presence on this board. Thank you so much for your sweetness and kindness to all comers. You're such a good person, and it comes through loud and clear here.

    That's what matters most in life. You are doing good in many ways.
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