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  1. Just stopping by to say hi and that I'm thinking about you. How's it going?
  2. Thank you! I just get a little nervous, but most of the time I KNOW this is the right thing for me.
  3. Hi well I actually live in new iberia so he came to my home the 1st few days... I mean really all you need is a bed so at your house or the hotel doesn't matter.. I even know someone whose grandmother used dr.borland and brought her camper here and went there to see her. You will be fine I often see many of his out of town patients when I go to my follow up appts ... I didn't have to take any classes I did watch a video when I was going with another dr in Lafayette but once I knew I was gonna pay on my own and not go through the insurance I was happy to know I didn't need all this visits with shrink and the food specialist .... I will tell you don't be surprised if from week 2-5 you hate this decision wish you wouldn't have done it etc... It's just the mental part of the break up with food and the getting used of everything ... I'm 6 months out 72 lbs lighter and feel great ... I still have plenty to go but a lot closer to my goal than 6 months ago any other questions please ask
  4. Hi, I am using Dr Borland too. As my surgery date is getting closer and after getting so many questions about it, I'm getting a little nervous about staying in a hotel vs hospital. When I chose him I felt great about it, but now I'm scared I chose wrong. Did you experience any criticism about staying in a hotel? How did you handle it? Did you attend any classes about living with a sleeve? I would appreciate any advice or reassurances you have to offer! It looks like you are doing great!!!
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