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  1. Constant comments

    Just ticked and ranting.....

    Old friend was in town from IL last week that I've known since we were both 5 years old and went through all 12 years of school together. Went out to eat and visit 2 times with her and her husband. I was so aggravated by the end of our second dinner and still after 2 days still ticked

    Me: What's the soup of the day?
    Her: You need to eat more than soup
    Me: I'm fine thanks (ignoring the comment... moving on)
  2. So.... does this bother any others?

    If anyone hasn't heard of this gal from NZ I think it is her name is Simone - she's all over the internet and just came to Scottsdale for a body makeover.

    http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/0...-social-media/ and she's on local news and in People Magazine etc.

    But is it just me or does this bug the crap out of anyone else that this is being hailed as some great accomplishment through diet and working out? ...
  3. Soooo why is one worse than the other?

    So I'm in a Circle K the other day and truly not paying any attention to other people in front or behind me - I was busy checking my phone for emails.
    All of a sudden I hear this loud voice saying "GAWDDDDDDDDDDDDD EAT A CHEESEBURGER LADY YOU LOOK LIKE SH**" (um if 113 pounds at 5'4" is looking like sh** then ok I'll take it) So I look up and there's this 300 plus pound woman in front of me with 4 kids all equally as fat for their ages and heights and she's buying them ...
  4. You want Mary Poppins and a fairy tale?

    Then go rent the DVD's

    I am so disgusted at newbies saying they over eat, they eat steak two weeks out, crackers, a week out, whatever, they get stabbing pains in their stomach that are horrible but hey they kept on eating and then they get offended when they say "oh gee what's wrong with me why can't I lose weight", and people tell them they are not doing the right things.
    Don't ask for opinions if you aren't adult enough to hear the truth people. Jesus Christ. ...
  5. Nearly 1 year

    I am 2 days away from my 1 year mark and couldn't be happier with the results and how I look.

    I had some complications from a breast reconstruction (1999 mastectomy and a long battle with trying to reconstruct) so after nearly 12 K spent total I had to abandon the implants and have them totally removed to be able to heal. My incisions kept opening up and it had reached a hole the size of a pop can before I was able to save the money up to go get them totally removed so I could heal. ...
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