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  1. Msvetrn's Avatar
    That's horrible! I hate the thought of some unknown person sitting behind a desk making decisions on your health and we being!!! Hopefully, your doctor can get it pushed through. If not, I just wanted to let you know I found this magnet on the side of my refridgerator from a LONG time ago when I was considering some lipo or something I could not afford!!! I went to the website yesterday and it is still there. It is only for US doctors, I am pretty sure. But, it is worth checking out...of course, there is always the option of going to Mexico which is a lot cheaper. Anyway, you can try this: [url]www.DoctorSayYes.biz[/url]

    Good luck!!!
  2. gemini*eyes's Avatar
    Eating more as time goes by is normal.. Eat healthy.. i always tell people to stop worrying about measuring so much and getting certain ounces. just eat and stop when full. its really easy
  3. tori712's Avatar
    I can eat alot more chx,pork and fish, and seem to digest faster, I notice I don't stay full as long, but yeah beef and eggs I normally eat less and can last longer before eating again, (well eggs I guess i don't eat less because I eat 2 eggs and it weighs about 4 ounces)
  4. slim_again's Avatar
    Tori, I find that not all proteins sit the same in my tummy too. I agree with what the others say about ebb & flow but pork, beef and eggs sit like a rock down there whereas fish and chicken I seem to be able to eat more of. Have you noticed this at all?
  5. tori712's Avatar
    Thanks for all the thoughts and comments, I also weight everything I eat unless I am out. I thought about carrying a scale in my purse or car but didn't want to get pulled over and think I sell drugs, lol... I guess it is true that it wont affect my weightloss, but I didn't want to keep eating until I was full, because I do not want to over eat to stretch my stomach out, I guess I wont worry too much as long as I make sure I don't eat over 4/4.5 ounces, and I am still going to do protein shakes for the next 2 days, and see if that helps,. Thanks for the help. its good to have people to talk to.
  6. aboutime4me's Avatar
    Yes, it's all part of the journey. It's ok if you eat your 4 ounces of food. I would caution you though if you're eating constantly over the 4 ounces of real solid food. I know for liquids, soups, etc. we have a cup of something and that's ok but when real solid proteins and other foods are involved, my surgeon cautioned me to stay with the 4 ounces as much as possible. When I'm at home I always weight my food, even now at the end of my 10th month.
    I think the thing for us to be concerned about is getting sloppy and trying to "eyeball" what 4 ounces of something is. Yes there might be times we eat a bit over the 4 ounces and that's ok but not on a constant basis. I agree that eating chicken and broccoli is not a bad thing and won't cause you to gain weight or slow your weight loss down. Thank God we'll never be able to eat the amounts we did before.
    It also holds true for me that some days I can eat a full 4 ounces of protein and others just 2-3 ounces. It depends. I think the sleeve is just like that. I got with it and don't get worried unnecessarily.
    Take it each day as it comes and follow the guidelines. I think if we all do that, we'll be good to go for the rest of our lives. We won't regain the weight and lose control.
    Keep us posted.
  7. lakegirl's Avatar
    Looking great- congrats on your loss. Ditto- you look so much younger now. lol.
  8. lakegirl's Avatar
    My sister who had the RXNY over a year ago...I know she can eat much more now than she used to before she gets that full feeling as well. Then other days she says she has no appetite at all. Just the eb and flow of it all I guess. Just keep track of what you're eating. Good luck.
  9. Msvetrn's Avatar
    It happenss to me some days and then goes back the other way. Dont stress about it, just be aware of what you are eating. I mean chicken and broccoli, no matter how many ounces, is not going to hurt you or stop you from losing. Just another part of the journey...
  10. Maximus's Avatar
    Great job. You look amazing. Congratulations!!
  11. tmclenn's Avatar
    Wow, your photo is amazing!! Congrats
  12. Blan's Avatar
    Wow, you look not only 90 pounds lighter but also 20 years younger! Adorable!
  13. conrow1994's Avatar
    You look so young!Excellent weight loss
  14. Bilby's Avatar
    Congrats Tori ... Fantastic achievement!!!!
  15. txbluebonnet's Avatar
    You look wonderful and so young. Congrats!
  16. teresaloves2trvl's Avatar
    That before pic looks like the mom and the second one looks like the daughter. In other words, you look like a teenager now!
  17. SpiceOfLife's Avatar
    Wow!!! You go girl! You look fabulous and have so much to be proud of :-)
  18. Beachtammy's Avatar
    Awesome job! Congratulations!
  19. Maia0628's Avatar
    Wow you look amazing congrats!!!! I am sure you will easily get that last 10 pounds!
  20. curvymummy's Avatar
    my doc never sed to weigh any food!!! its just every doc diff, i eat what i can and its never ever gonna be as much as before my sleeve, i find i can eat aload of salad,also i can eat nearly a full jacket pot(small one) plus thats with either cheese n beans or tuna and onion..,soup i can eat about half a tin and most things i can defo have more than these 2/3/4 mouth fulls everyone goes on about!!!
  21. aboutime4me's Avatar
    I would caution you on eating more than 4 oz of food at a time, even if you don't necessarily feel full when you're done. My doctor really warned me about that. If you constantly do that it could stretch the pouch eventually if done on a prolonged basis. He said too that it was better to eat more solid foods because then we tend to eat less, as you said about the ribs. Less food like that means less calories and perhaps more weight loss too. Who knows...it's trial and error. Good luck and keep us posted.
  22. aclabombard13's Avatar
    The cereal is probably a slider for you. So you are naturally going to be able to consume more because it's "sliding" right through your sleeve. Fruit, once chewed is practically juice, so probably another slider. So don't worry about your pouch being stretched or anything of that nature. Just remember, some foods compact much more in your stomach than others. Any type of meat, I can only get small amounts in there. You're doing just fine No worries!
  23. ruinessx9701's Avatar
    I can eat way more fruit than anything else, but not veggies. I still can only consume around 2 oz at a time, but when I eat fruit of any kind, I can eat about a cup or even a little more before I start to feel full. My nutritionist actually just told me to add more fruit to my diet too so I guess its ok...
  24. Munchkin's Avatar
    I read someone's blog that a person is trying hcg after sleeve. HCG diet limits the calories to about 500 a day without hunger. I can totally limit my calories to 500 a day without hunger (just do protein shake all day) with my sleeve but I don't want to live like that (the 2 weeks pre-op and post-op liquid diet was enough for me). I don't see the need to take pills after sleeve.
  25. ready2smile's Avatar
    abouttime4me and Tori712 - Surgery is your "forever pill" I LOVE THAT!!! I always say this surgery is the best diet pill I have ever tried!! The sleeve works, take your vitamins and take it one day at a time... hang in there girl!!!
  26. tori712's Avatar
    I am not offended at all, I just wondered if anyone used any fad diet stuff like that or hcg after the sleeve.. But after reading this I can see no one has, lol.. I was curious the affects on you body from those I've never use one prior or will, so just wondered.
  27. aboutime4me's Avatar
    I hope you're just curious and asking and not really doing this. The surgery is your "forever pill" and all you need to reach your goal. Don't go down any old roads you used to travel. We've all been there and done that and have made that major decision/step in our lives for the sleeve. I agree, use your sleeve to its advantage. Work with it, don't fight it and you'll see your results. Some weight loss is slower than others but that's ok. This is for a lifetime. Hang on and enjoy the ride.
  28. Msvetrn's Avatar
    That would be A R E A L L Y B A D AND D U M B thing to do. Sorry-just keeping it real.
  29. 4linton's Avatar
    Tori, your on here with me quite a bit and I see you've lost 44 pounds so far. Your doing great, and I know I may make you feel bad by this but give your sleeve it's chance without all the over the counter stuff. I'd be concerned that you might be in a funk that it may not be coming off as fast as you'd like it to but it will keep working. Don't want to see you throw off your metabolism or nutrient levels as these products make a lot of claims but aren't specifically for WLS patients/recipients. Sorry if I overreached here but your a pretty girl, nothing inappropiate meant, and I see your at Fort Hood and I wonder if you have pressure to be or look a certain way that may make you feel under the gun so to speak. Good Luck and stay the course girl.
  30. tori712's Avatar
    opss that in the tittle was supposed to be weightless but can't find the edit button.
    I am curious if you loose more weight or have more energy or something?
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